57. University


Warwick, England


Katie clicked the door shut. She looked around.

This was hers. Home for the next year, give or take the odd trip back to see her parents.


She sat on the beanbag chair and ran her eyes over the reading list again. Her parents had bought her several of the books for her Kindle so she could get a head start. It seemed quite intimidating but she was excited by the challenge.


She didn’t have many things to decorate the room yet as her said that he’d heard there were always poster fairs and freebies so she didn’t need to bring too much. She just had a couple of prints and a few photos: her mum and dad; her grandparents, a night out with Emma and Lucy; Ben, Ben and her together and a photo of her with Jenny.


She was looking forward to taking her dad’s advice, to getting new things to decorate the place and forging a new existence, not a replacement of the life she had had up to this point, but an enhancement, an evolution – or simply three years of drinking, laughing, a bit of studying and delaying the real world for a bit. She couldn’t wait.


It had taken a lot to get here and she couldn’t quite believe it, but she was now a student. This was her time.


There was a knock on the door.


‘Hey neighbour! I’m Becky from number 6. I heard it’s pound a pint in the student union right now, a few of us are going to check it out. Are you coming?’


Katie grabbed her bag, coat and keys. Yes she was. She closed the door and entered student life.


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Sheffield based academic and entertainment geek.
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5 Responses to 57. University

  1. marsar2 says:

    It was good seeing Katie again. So she’s now off to university…

    I loved the last pic :).

  2. Luna says:

    Good for Katie. I’m wondering how Jenny’s parent’s are doing, we haven’t seen them in awhile.

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