Taken is an episodic story, using Sims 3 as a medium.  It will feature a number of different characters and settings, and as you’re introduced to new characters, their biographies will appear on the characters page to help you keep up.

The aim is to update the story once a week, or thereabouts, depending on real-life commitments.  I don’t know how long it will run for yet, but I anticipate it taking several months to tell.

New chapters will appear on the front page as and when they arrive, but to follow them in order, go to the relevant pages.

The ‘extras’ section will contain supplementary material that isn’t necessarily part of the main narrative but will hopefully add to the world – this will include sub-stories, stories, diaries and poems written from the views of the characters, extra photos and whatever else I come up with!  Not all chapters will have extras, and some will have more than one, but they’ll all be labelled so you can see which chapter they relate to.

Warning! Whilst all of the main chapters will be suitable for teens and upwards (I am thinking 12 in terms of UK film certificates), some of the extras will contain more mature content.  These will be labelled as such on the Extras page and at the top of the relevant entries, so if you’re too young for those bits, or easily offended, don’t read them – you won’t miss out on anything in the main narrative.

If you want to find out about my other sims stories or be notified on updates, then do visit my site for all my simming projects, Rad’s Sims Stuff or follow me on Twitter.



One Response to About

  1. tipix7 says:

    The story idea sounds marvelous! Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve on this one. Again, I wish I was able to take on sim stories at the rate you do. Best of luck!

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