Canterbury, England and Peterborough, England

Katie Doman

Jane and Simon Doman

Sue and Bob Cleaver

Ben, Emma and Lucy

Marissa Lawton

Joan Cleaver, Ron and Barbara Simmonds

Union, West Virginia

Naomi Jaye

Alice Jackson

Red Snappers Staff


Beacon Residents (selected)

The council (selected)

The Academy

Jennifer (Jenny) Cleaver

Nita Mistry

Niamh O’Brien

Irina Lescowicz

Susette (Susie) Somers

Keisha Jordan

Ando Tei

Jamal Kassab

Leif Fredriksson

Jacques Fournier

Ethan Cassidy

Ollie Ganz

Katja Komeneski

Zach King

Academy staff team (selected)

The Cliffs/Valley Park

The Turner Family

Queensland, Australia

Charlotte and Danny Kirk







2 Responses to Characters

  1. DB loves her Mac says:

    ohhh sneak peek at the characters! Subscribing now…

    • Rad says:

      Character profiles will be going up as and when characters appear. There are going to be quite a lot of characters in this story, so it’s neccessary, but you won’t find out about new characters before you meet them, that would be giving out too many spoilers!

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