Naomi Jaye

Naomi Jaye

Age: 16

Occupation: High school student

Location: Unknown, southern USA.  Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin.

Motivations: Pleasure, freedom, independence.

Fears: Captivity, oppression, failure.

Naomi’s Mosaic

Name: Naomi

Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin

Favourite food: Enchiladas

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite weather: Rain

Favourite drink: Jack Daniel’s

Dream holiday: New Zealand

Favourite Dessert: Cherry cheesecake

Profession: High School Student

One of the things I love most in the world: My dog

One Word That Describes Me: Passionate

Something Else About Me: Rebel


2 Responses to Naomi Jaye

  1. Erin Flayhan says:

    Whoa, Madison, Wisconsin! That is very close to where I live!
    Also, I would love to take a vacation/holiday to New Zealand!

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