Extra bits and pieces that aren’t essential to the story but add a bit of detail.

Warning! Some extras will have mature content in them, and will be labelled as such, so please avoid those if you’re under 15 (I am going on UK film classifications here as my rule of thumb) or easily offended.  They’re supplementary content and missing them out won’t affect your enjoyment of the story overall.

1A. Thinking About the Future – takes place just before the events of chapter 1.

2A. Up All Night. Takes place just after chapter 1. A response to the Boolprop ‘Up All Night’ theme prompt.

4A. Marissa Lawton’s Notes: Sue and Bob Cleaver
4B. Marissa Lawton’s Notes: Jane and Simon Doman
4C. Marissa Lawton’s Notes: Katie DomanAll take place during the events of chapter 4.

8A Marissa Lawton’s Notes: Katie Doman – Takes place during chapter 8.

10A. Timetables – A guide to the timetables in The Academy.

12A. Suddenly Last Summer – A glimpse into Naomi’s past, inspired by the prompt ‘Summertime fun’.  Warning! Mature content.  Over 15s only.

17A. Amber Dances – Amber lets us in on what she’s thinking, inspired by the prompt ‘jealousy’.  Warning! Mature content.  Over 15s only.

20A. The Christmas Market – A festive response to mdpthatsme’s ‘Ice Cold’ theme prompt…

25A. Marissa Lawton’s Case Notes: Katie Doman – Takes place between chapters 20-25.

31A. The Twelve Communities of Beacon – A list of the twelve communities.

40A. Nights at Another Bar (adult version) – a racier version of chapter 40. Warning! Mature content. Adults only.

54A. Ceremonies in Beacon

55A. Serge

55B. Wellspring and Lightwood

64A. Secret






Merry Christmas


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