1A. Thinking about the future

Author’s note: This didn’t really fit in the main story, but I liked the shots too much to chuck them away.  The playground is one of Jenny and Katie’s hangouts and I wanted to have some of the shots there up on the blog somewhere.



‘You looking forward to college?’

‘Hell yeah.  No uniforms, no PE, no maths, doing something we like, parties, college trips, free periods.  What’s not to like?’

‘Yeah, I guess.  I’m definitely looking forward to no more PE.  And no more technology.  That’s for sure’.

‘I can’t believe you’re doing maths, though.  I mean you doing English and Psychology, yeah, alright, I get that.  But maths?  You’re mental’.



‘D’you think things’ll change when we go to college?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well, will we change?’

‘Yeah, course we will’

‘No I mean will we change, you and me?’

‘What, you mean will we still be friends? Course we will. You’re stuck with me forever, mate. Nothing’s gonna change that. Trust me’.


3 Responses to 1A. Thinking about the future

  1. medleymisty says:

    LOVE THIS! *hugs*

    Just…freaking perfect, man.

  2. FortA says:

    This was great. It certainly tugged on my emotions! You are such an AWESOME writer


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