25A. Marissa Lawton’s case notes: Katie Doman

Session 9

Katie learned this week about Bob and Sue’s pregnancy.  She was very angry, accusing them of trying to replace Jenny and struggling to understand why they would have a new baby now.  She talked of how Jenny had always wanted a brother or sister and she felt angry that Bob and Sue would only have one after Jenny had gone.  We talked about the possibility that Jenny would be delighted to have a brother or sister if she came home.

Agreed plan of action: To talk to the Cleavers.

Session 10

Katie was less angry this week.  She had talked with Jane and Simon in the week and begun to realise that the Cleavers having a new baby is their way of thinking about the future.  Sue and Bob visited the family briefly and explained that they weren’t trying to replace Jenny.  Katie was very thoughtful following this and said it had made her think about her own future.  We discussed what she would like to do in the future and she said she would still like to go to university, but recognised that this would mean returning to college.

Agreed plan of action: To contact the college about returning after Christmas.

Session 11

Katie had enjoyed Christmas, and seeing her grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins.  Katie, Simon and Jane have been in touch with the college who have been very sympathetic to Katie’s situation.  It was agreed she will return after Christmas and change from Psychology to Communication and Culture.  She will continue English and Maths as before.  The college are optimistic that if Katie can manage the extra workload, she will be able to complete her A-Levels at the same time as her peers.

Agreed plan of action: Get the syllabuses from college to understand what is required in order to catch up.

Session 12

Katie has been attending college regularly again for nearly three weeks now.  She spoke of her initial nervousness on returning, but acknowledged that the staff had been very supportive and accommodating.  She has started to rekindle old friendships with Emma and Lucy and is enjoying her courses.  Katie still misses Jenny but seems much more resolute and optimistic.

Agreed plan of action: None this week.


2 Responses to 25A. Marissa Lawton’s case notes: Katie Doman

  1. Me says:

    I really like the way we get to see inside Katie’s head, without being boring, “this is my head”. 😀

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