2A. Up All Night

Author’s note: This takes place around the ending of chapter one.  It’s a response to the ‘Up All Night’ prompt at the Boolprop all-nighter, and I’m writing it at 2.30am (my time, not Katie’s. Katie’s staying up all night)…

She’ll be here tonight, I know it.  I don’t know what happened last night, but she’ll be here tonight.  If she can’t come home, she can come here, she will come here.  She’s got so much to tell me.

If I use her favourite slide she’ll come and give me a big shove down it so she can sit up top like she always does.

Where is she?

If I climb up here she’ll see me, right?  She’ll come up here, come up to our secret place, come and talk to me, come and share whatever it is that’s going on, whatever it is that kept her away last night.

She’ll laugh when I tell her how scary it is climbing up this thing in heels.  She can do it in heels twice the size as mine, about three times as fast as I can climb.  She’ll tease me and call me a wimp and dare me to do things that scare me and I’ll do them even though everything in me tells me not to, because she tells me to, and I trust her.

All too soon, it is morning.


2 Responses to 2A. Up All Night

  1. medleymisty says:

    Extremely well done! Beautiful pics, wonderful writing.

  2. jalode says:

    Wow…i am really excited about the next chapter…

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