8A. Marissa Lawton’s case notes: Katie Doman

Completed Worksheet: Feelings 1

List five things that describe how you are feeling at the moment:

Afraid, lost, confused, sad, guilty.

On a scale of 1-10, where 1 means as unhappy as possible, and 10 as happy as possible, where would you place yourself right now?


Place a tick or a cross next to any of the statements that apply to you:

I feel guilty about my loved one going missing X
I think a lot about whether I could have done things differently X
I blame myself for their disappearance X
I am angry with my loved one for disappearing X
I feel hurt by my loved one for disappearing X
I have difficulty sleeping X
I have lost my appetite X or I eat for comfort
I have lost interest in things I used to enjoy X
I have difficulty concentrating X
I feel scared other loved ones will disappear
I have a lack of energy X
I am angry at other people about my loved one disappearing
I find it difficult to control my anger
I find it difficult to stop crying
I find it difficult to talk about my feelings X
I wish I could swap places with my loved one X

What do you miss about your loved one?

She made me laugh.  She helped me be confident.  Our chats in the playground.

Who have you talked to about your feelings since your loved one disappeared?


Session 4

Katie completed the worksheet she was given to work on at home.  Her answers reveal a low mood and a huge degree of guilt over Jenny’s disappearance.

She spoke in the session for the first time, and clearly feels guilty for upsetting Bob and Sue Cleaver, although it is not clear why she believes she has upset them, or who has told her this.  She found it difficult to talk about why she is dressing like Jenny, though admitted she thought it might help her feel closer to her friend.

She revealed she feels guilty about not being with Jenny on the night she disappeared.  Katie believes Jenny is not coming back.  We will need to work both on allieviating her sense of guilt and on helping her see all the possibilities for the future, as well as trying to get her to think about her own future.

Agreed plan of action: None this week.


One Response to 8A. Marissa Lawton’s case notes: Katie Doman

  1. FortA says:

    This is great, Rad. I know it must take a while to add all of these details, but it adds SO MUCH to the story. Great job,


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